• 05.02. Musical interpretation of the short film „Ghost Number 9″ by William S. Burroughs, „Call me Burroughs – 100 Jahre William S.“, Volksbühne Berlin
  • 12.04. „24h Jerusalem“ documentary, director: Volker Heise, music: Tarwater, Maurus Ronner, Arte/BR
  • 31.10. „Adrift“ is released on Bureau B, Hamburg
  • 02.11. First broadcast performance of „Childen of Adam/Kinder Adams“, based on poems by Walt Whitman, narrator: Iggy Pop, director: Kai Grehn, music: Alva Noto und Tarwater, Radio Bremen, Hörbuch Hamburg

  • 26.01. NDR broadcasts „The Persuit, Die Verfolgung“ a radioplay, by Matt Hartley, music: Tarwater
  • 22.12. First broadcast performance of „Der Geheimnisvolle Fremde“ based on the novel by Mark Twain, director: Kai Grehn, music: Tarwater, Deutschlandradio Kultur

  • 20.01. „Borusan Music House“ Festival, Istanbul
  • 16.02. First broadcast performance of „Das abenteuerliche Herz“ based on the book by Ernst Jünger, narrator: Alexander Fehling, director: Kai Grehn, music: Tarwater, SWR
  • 03.05. Musical interpretation for the movie „Yokoku“ by Mishima,
    narrator: Jeanette Spassova, Volksbühne Berlin
  • 25.08. „Bootboohook“ Festival, Hannover

  •  24.02. „It’s The Sound Not The Song“, music for the poetry reading by Bert Papenfuß, Orange Peel, Frankfurt am Main
  • 19.03. Radio Bremen broadcasts the radioplay „Die künstlichen Paradiese“, based on poems by Charles Baudelaire, director: Kai Grehn, actors: Alexander Fehling, Jeanne Moreau, Jule Böwe, music by Tarwater, alva noto, Anne Clark, Tuxedemoon, Ulver and others
  • 08.04. „Frameworks“, Festival, München
  • 29.04. First broadcast performance of the radioplay „Schwarzer Hund, Weißes Gras“, by Kilian Leypold, director: Kai Grehn, music by Tarwater, Bayrischer Rundfunk
  • 24.05. „Hard Rain – 1000 Jahre Dylan“, music for the poetry reading „Wachablösung“ by Bert Papenfuß, based on Bob Dylans „Changing of the Guards“, Volksbühne Berlin
  • 09.09. „Inside The Ships“ is released on Bureau B, Hamburg
  • 30.09. „Eastern Promise“ Festival, Glasgow
  • 25.11. „Le Guess Who“ Festival EKKO, Utrecht
  • 26.11. „Atumn Falls“ Festival, Brussels
  • 10.12. „L’Ososphere“ Festival, Strasbourg

  •  26.03. Bergen Kunsthall, Concert with Silje Nes, Bergen
  • 28.04. „8 mm Music Night“, Festival, Berlin
  • Music for the short film „Der Adler ist fort“, directed by Volker Sattel und Mario Mentrup, main actors: Christoph Bach, Sofia Larsson-Ocklind, Bennet Togler
  • 12.09. Bayrischer Rundfunk broadcasts the radioplay „Ostsee“, by Julian Doepp, music by Tarwater
  • 16.10. Le Weekend „All Things Must Pass“ Festival, Stirling
  • 20.11. „Morr Label Night“, Festival, Brugge

  • 18.02. Premiere of the Movie „Donne – Moi la Main“ in Paris, director: Pascal-Alex Vincent, main actors: Alexandre Carril, Victor Carril, Katrin Sass
  • The Soundtrack of „Donne – Moi la Main“ is released on Gusstaff Records
  • 25.02. Premiere of „Der Berg über den kein Vogel fliegt“, radioplay by Kai Grehn, director: Marie Bues, SWR/Theater Basel
  • 08.03. SWR broadcasts „Der Berg über den kein Vogel fliegt“, director: Kai Grehn
  • Music for the movie „Rückenwind“, director: Jan Krüger, Edition Salzgeber
  • Music for the short film „Kriegerstock“, directed by Joseph Lippok, main actors: Elisabeth Degen, Michael Degen, Jo Schmitt, Bayrischer Rundfunk
  • 29.-31.05. „Drei Tage junge Literatur und Musik“, Festival, Hau 2 Berlin
  • 23.09. „Hör.Quartett-Neue Musik trifft Pop Thema Luigi Nono“, Pfefferberg, Berlin
  • 01.10. „de:sonanz“, Festival, Skopje
  • 17.10. „Open Books“, music for a poetry reading by Bert Papenfuß, Buchmesse im Kunstverein Frankfurt am Main
  • 25.11. NDR broadcasts the radioplay „Das Holzschiff“, based on the book by Hans Henny Jahn, directed by Kai Grehn, music: Tarwater
  • 07.12. „Cuore di Berlino“ Festival, Bologna

  • 01.02. Premiere of „Tosca“ after Sardou, music by Tarwater and Puccini, directed by Sebastian Baumgarten, Volksbühne Berlin
  • 27.08. „Festival Castel del Mondi“,  Bari
  • 22.11. „Magnetbanduntergrund“, Festival, WORM, Rotterdam

  • 03.02. „Tilt Festival“, Perpingnan
  • Music for „Die Geschichte von Franz Biberkopf“, a radio play based on „Berlin Alexanderplatz“ by Alfred Döblin, in co-operation with Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, directed by Kai Grehn
  • 07.03. „Exit 07″ Festival, Luxemburg
  • 16.03. „Transcieties“ Festival, Bukarest
  • 23.03. „Gute Leute, schlechte Welt“ Music for a poetry reading with Henryk Gericke, Bert Papenfuß and Alexander Krohn, Leipzig
  • „Spider Smile“ is released on Morr Music
  • 01. – 05.06. Morr Music Labeltour in Island with Benni Hemm Hemm, The Go Find, Isan and Seabear
  • 13.07. „Forma Nova Festival“, Frederica
  • On the occasion of the „Quartier D‘ Ete“ festival Tarwater performs at four public parks in Paris over the course of four consecutive days
  • 20.09. „Scopitone Festival“, Nantes

  • Music for the play „Hexenjagd“ by Arthur Miller at Schauspielhaus Köln
  • 06.04. „South Pop Festival“, Sevilla
  • B. Fleischmann / Tarwater „Japan Tour 2005″ is released on Morr Music
  • 26.04. – 30.04. „Triphych“ Festival, Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • 12.08. „Goldmund Festival“, Biesenthal
  • Concerts in Mexiko City and Bogota with To Rococo Rot
  • 09.11. „Focus Berlin“ Festival with Jan Jelinek and Pfadfinderei, Poznan

  • Music for the documentary „Suche nach Schwerelosigkeit – Vladimir Malakov – ein Portrait“, directed by Carsten Fiebeler
  • „The Needle Was Travelling“ is released on Morr Music
  • 02.04. „Elektricity“ Festival, Reims
  • 22.04. „Festival de Amiens“, Amiens
  • 13.05. „Morr Music Labelnacht“, Volksbühne, Berlin
  • 17.07. „Sous la Plage“ Festival, Paris
  • 07.08. „Benicassim“ Festival, Valencia
  • 30.09. „L’Ososphere“ Festival, Straßbourg
  • 27.10. „Rockomotives“ Festival, Vendome
  • 02.11.-05.11 „Klapstuk 12″ International Dance Festival Leuven, Tarwater works with moduls which are developed by the french artist Nicolas Floc’h for the installation „Structure Multifonctions # 3″
  • Concerts in Sao Paulo, Lima und Caracas
  • 07.11. „Wien Modern“, Collective Identities, concert at Schauspielhaus Wien with Marina Rosenfeld
  • 19.11.-24.11. Concerts in Tokio und Kyoto with B. Fleischmann
  • 27.11. Concert at the filmfestival „Resfest“, Sao Paulo, following concerts in Lima und Caracas
  • 10.12. „Sofar Festival“, Catania

  • Music for the installation „Antimatter 3, in the Negative Zone“ by Angela Bulloch, gallery: Eva Presenhuber, Zürich
  • 07.02. „L`Aeronef“ Festival with Terry Riley, Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, Lille
  • „Cultural Exchange – Berlin in Moscow“, concert at Club 2B as part of a group exhibition by Berlin artists
  • 08.05 „Austertaumel“, music for a poetry reading by Tone Avenstrup, 10 years Sklaven/Sklavenaufstand/Gegner, Wabe, Berlin
  • 21.05. „Arty Farty“ Festival, Lyon
  • Tour in Siberia, concerts and a musical interpretation of the silent movie „Der Golem“, Nowosibirsk, Jekaterinenburg, Ischewsk
  • 14.08. „Berlin Summersize“ Festival, Berlin
  • 18.10. „Observatori“ Festival, Valencia
  • 19.11. „10 Jahre Team Kitty-yo“ Festival, Volksbühne, Berlin
  • Music for the movie „Close“, directed by Markus Lenz, actors: Jule Böwe, Christoph Bach
  • Music for the play „Onkel Wanja“ by Anton Tschechow at Stadttheater Freiburg

  • 26.03. John Peel session, Malada Vale Studios, London
  • 27.06. „Festival do Porto“, Portugal
  • 05.07. „Skiff“ Festival, Berlin
  • Music for the silent movie „Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam“, directed by Paul Wegener,  Podewil, Berlin
  • Musical versions of texts by the American poet Robert Lax,  released as „wake up relax“ on Intermedium Records
  • „Gryf Pomorski“, music for a poetry reading by Bert Papenfuß, feat. Club der polnischen Versager, MS Stubnitz, Szczecin
  • Collaboration with Tuxedomoon for the record „Cabin in the Sky“, Crammed Disc Music
  • 01.10. „Experimental Club 03, Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental“, Madrid
  • 26.10. „Electronic Arts Festival“, Dublin
  • 15.11. „Why Note“ Festival, Dijon

  • 13.02. „Club Transmediale“ Festival, E-Werk, Berlin
  • 12.04. Support for the Coil concert at Volksbühne, Berlin
  • 26./27.04. Concerts in St. Petersburg und Moskau
  • „Muspili Spezial“, music for a poetry reading by Bert Papenfuß at Evangelische Akademie Tutzing
  • 19.07. „Cargo“ Festival, Neuchatel, Switzerland
  • „Festival International de Performance Mexiko“, music for a dance performance by Nadia Berkani
  • „Dwellers on the Threshold“ is released on Kitty-yo
  • Musical adaptations of writings by Hubert Selby, Cigalle, Paris
  • Premiere of the play „Out of Control“, after the movie „Warum läuft Herr R. Amok“ made by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Michael Fengler, Thalia Theater Hamburg, directed by Peter and Hariette Meining, music: Tarwater in collaboration with Sarah Marrs and Rob Taylor
  • 02.10. BBC session in collaboration with Darryl Moore
  • 25.10. „Dispatch“ Festival, Belgrad
  • Music for the movie „Die Datsche“, directed by Carsten Fiebeler, actors: Catharine Fläming, Uwe Kockisch, Michael Kind
  • 17.12. „Die Nacht der von Neil Young Getöteten“, reading by Navid Kermani, Neil Young cover versions by Quarks and Tarwater, Volksbühne, Berlin

  • Music for Lacoste fashion show, Poloclub, Paris
  • Music for the movie „Brombeerchen“, directed by Oliver Rihs, actors: Robert Stadlober, Beirol Ünel, Nina Tander, co-produktion: Switzerland/Spain
  • „Not the Wheel“ is released on the polish label Gustaff Records
  • 25.09. „Extract Chicago“ Festival, Podewil, Berlin, concert with Ribbon Effect
  • 24.11. „Acces Festival“, Pau, France

  • 11.02 „Club Transmediale“ Festival, Haus des Lehrers, Berlin
  • 07.04.“All Tomorrows Parties“ Festival, Camber Sands, UK
  • 04.05. ICA Concert in London with Laub and Gonzales
  • Music for the play „Terrain! Terrain! Pull up! Pull up!“, directed by Peter and Hariette Meining
  • 19.06. Music for the dance performance by Nadia Berkani in the french culture centre in Istanbul
  • 30.06. „Roskilde“ Festival, Denmark
  • 17.07. „Rokaforte“ Festival, Mailand
  • Tour with Goldfrapp in England
  • Tour with Zend Avesta in France

  • „Silur“ is released in the USA, under the license of Mute records
  • Music for the documentary „No Ordinary Cowboy“, directed by Abdur- Rehman Ismael Mia, narrator: William Shatner
  • Concert at Knitting Factory, New York, with To Rococo Rot
  • Music for a live performence of Karl Grunes silent movie „Die Straße“(1923)
  • Music for the movie „Fremde Freundin“, directed by Anne H.Krohn
  • „Like a Miracle“ (Tarwater feat. Tikiman) is released on Soul Static, London
  • „Tarwater Remix EP“ is released on Room Tone Records, New York, with alternative mixes by Third Eye Foundation, Bundy K.Brown, Kiln and others
  • Tour with Kreidler in France
  • Music for the dance performance „Quai Voltaire“ by Nadia Berkani, Paris
  • 19.06. „Sonar“ Festival, Barcelona
  • 02.07. „Aquaplaning“ Festival, Hyeres
  • 03.09. „Baustelle“ Festival, Glasgow
  • 01.10. John Peel radio session, Liverpool

  • First tour in  USA (Austin Texas, Chicago, New York , Philadelphia)
  • „Rabbit Moon Revisited“ is released on Capstack, Chicago.
  • Participation in the art show „Tchikago“ with Brad Whang, Sarah Marrs, Robert Lippok, Ronald Lippok at the gallery Gary Marks, Chicago
  • „Silur“ is released on Kitty-yo
  • 01.12. first Tarwater John Peel session at the Malada Vale Studios, London
  • 02.12. Giles Peterson radio session, BBC Radio 1
  • 05.12. Jonathan Moore radio session, Kiss FM
  • Music für for the Movie „14/1 Endlos“, directed by Carsten Fiebeler, collaboration with  Babelsberger Filmorchester
  • First tour in Poland, in co-operation with Gustaff records
  • Start of collaboration with Lillevän

  • Music for the short film „Straßensperre“, directed by Carsten Fiebler, Film School Babelsberg
  • Premiere of the play „John Donne Todes Duell“ at Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin, directed by Thomas Martin, music: Tarwater
  • Deutschlandradio broadcasts the „John Donne – Death’S Duell“ radioplay
  • „Rabbit Moon“ (CD/EP) is released on Kitty-yo. Remixes and alternative versions of Tarwater tracks by Elektronauten, Bo Kondren, Robert Lippok and Tarwater themselves

  • First concert in Berlin at Roter Salon / Volksbühne
  • „John Donne Death’s Duell“ is released as an audio / book package published by Galrev Verlag, Berlin, director: Thomas Martin, music: Tarwater
  • „11/6 12/10″ the first Tarwater album is released on the Berlin based label Kitty-yo
  • Co-operation with the Headquarter booking agency
  • VPRO radio session in Amsterdam
  • Music for the movie „Edgar“, directed by: Karsten Laske
  • „Anima Sola“ music for an exhibition of pottery, gallery: Wilfriede Maaß

  • First recordings under the name Tarwater, named after C. Tarwater a musician appearing in the credits for recordings of late 60s psychedelic band „Love“
  • Tape productions in small print runs
  • First concert at the art festival „LBRNTH“ at Brühlsche Terassen, Dresden